Busy bee but yarns are on sale at last

Since opening my shop on Etsy last week I have been super busy. It is constant refining of photographs so my yarns look their best, then tagging and re-tagging, so search engines work as they should and adding the same stuff on my website, then Pinterest and Instagram and Facebook. And I forgot about Twitter and Ravelry and God knows what else. Basically I spent the whole week away from my yarns. But it was to be expected. I read somewhere that your business is about 30% of making and 70% of marketing so here we go. Btw, have you noticed how I added links to each of my social media sites? That took me about 15 minutes, I swear. :)

So back to the photographs so you can actually see what I was working on (mostly during the weekend as I have a full-time job (for now :))


These are my beloved 100% baby alpaca - lace weight super soft yarns, which I will probably knit with in the future. I like this spring combos. I can imagine super big lacey shawl flying in the wind already.

This 4ply/Fingering/Sock yarn is a blend of alpaca and silk and I can imagine it on all sorts of projects, not just socks. Gloves, cowls, hats, sweaters, shawls, you name it. And I really like this colour combination too. I could not resist these colour combinations either - so happy and bright. Ideal for gloomy autumn days to brighten up your day. :)


And last but not least these speckles on merino/silk blend. Speckles are by far my most favourite method of dyeing. There are just so many possibilities and variations you can do. It's just endless combinations of colours and your imagination is only thing which can stop you.

If you want to see more of my colours, please click on Hand dyed yarn link at the top of this website.


Hooray, the website is alive!

It's been a loooong, long time since I posted here last time. It was for various reasons, somebody up there didn't like me for few months as I had to deal with all sorts of tasks life threw at me. No wonder, I am so excited to FINALLY write my first article about my love of yarn.

What you can see is a knitted infinity scarf (or Mobius scarf, as Elizabeth Zimmermann would call it) from my very own hand-dyed yarn. The result is rather stunning - if I say so myself :). No, but seriously, look at this symphony of colours and how they dance on the scarf, no pooling, just speckles everywhere and anywhere. I am very pleased with the result, considering I have started with hand dyeing only eight months ago.

Also, as I have an internet access after a long time, I am opening my Etsy shop, which has been sitting there empty and sad for about ten months. For the next few days it will be all about photography for me so I can show off my hand dyed yarns and knitting kits the best I can and hopefully share my passion with some of you too.