Hooray, the website is alive!

It's been a loooong, long time since I posted here last time. It was for various reasons, somebody up there didn't like me for few months as I had to deal with all sorts of tasks life threw at me. No wonder, I am so excited to FINALLY write my first article about my love of yarn.

What you can see is a knitted infinity scarf (or Mobius scarf, as Elizabeth Zimmermann would call it) from my very own hand-dyed yarn. The result is rather stunning - if I say so myself :). No, but seriously, look at this symphony of colours and how they dance on the scarf, no pooling, just speckles everywhere and anywhere. I am very pleased with the result, considering I have started with hand dyeing only eight months ago.

Also, as I have an internet access after a long time, I am opening my Etsy shop, which has been sitting there empty and sad for about ten months. For the next few days it will be all about photography for me so I can show off my hand dyed yarns and knitting kits the best I can and hopefully share my passion with some of you too.