Knitting kits almost ready

I have a break from dyeing yarns and am in the middle of preparing knitting kits as autumn is on our door step and a nicely packaged knitting kit would make a great Christmas/Birthday present. I have three different designs and I cannot wait to have them displayed in Bird's Yard and Northern Craft Fair. For those who are not from around here, kits will be available in my Etsy shop too.

Photo-shoots for two of the kits are finished. Hat and scarf will be available in different colours. We were taking pictures of a hat last week, in 25 degrees. That's a commitment! Now I have only a baby sleeping bag left and I am looking for a baby under 6 months but I ran out of options. :( So if you know parents who would love their baby to become a supermodel, pretty please, let me know. I would travel to their home (reasonable distance from Sheffield though), I would be super quick and I would pay in yarn and needles. Pretty good deal, right? Only thing is, that the deadline is 7th October. It would be such a shame to have photos of a lonely sad blanket. A baby would make it much more cheerful. The blanket is in unisex colours so it can be a boy or a girl supermodel.

On a positive note, I had two more sales on Etsy this week, which always makes me so happy. Especially when I get a super positive feedback. My promotion for free needles and buttons with my yarns is valid only for 4 more orders, so hurry up!

And here are some crazy photos from the last week photoshoot of my hat, which will be available as a knitting kit for intermediate knitters.

Warning! Strait Jacket needed.

Warning! Strait Jacket needed.