Winter is coming

Since Northern Craft market in October and getting ready to sell in Bird's Yard in Sheffield I have been so busy I didn't get to write here at all. Weekend does not mean chilling out for me any more. But I want to work hard as I want my dream to come true.

Northern Craft Market in Leeds

Bird's Yard Sheffield

Bird's Yard Sheffield

I have a short break as I am waiting for my yarns to cool down so let's summarise last three months.

I found a little studio space so I moved all of my dyer stuff there beginning of October. No heating or water but who cares - it's my first studio. :) If it all goes good I might persuade my landlord to refurbish it and have it nicely decorated. At the moment it is just a shell, but hmmm, my imagination goes wild as it has exposed trusses and it just could look amazing with few roof lights (and radiators, brrrr). I can almost see hanks of yarns hanging from hooks hung on these trusses.

From moving to studio it meant dyeing more yarn for Northern Craft and Bird's Yard as both were happening in one weekend. Ooops. It was quite tiring but I enjoyed it thoroughly.

After this it was just more dyeing wool and more dyeing wool as my Etsy shop started slowly coming to life. Black Elephant's yarns have new homes now from California to Israel. How cool is that? I am actually thinking to make a map with all destinations where my yarns landed.

There was a give away competition on Instagram, but not just any competition. Nothing like share this here and copy this there and like ten of my images and follow me. I gave a photo of the yarn below (minus Gilmore Girls poster) and asked what TV series is this yarn inspired by. It was fun, the obvious one of the first responses was Game of Thrones (which I can understand why), so it was actually really hard. I had to narrow it down to American TV series, even though that wasn't much of a help haha. But I had a winner and she got one of my yarns - she could choose any - for free. I think I will make it a regular thing, it was fun.

And yes, one colour-way had to be inspired by Gilmore Girls because this is my the most favourite TV series (watched it about 5 times and will do more) and new series starts already this month! It will be binge watching Saturday for me with knitting in my hands.

And yes, one colour-way had to be inspired by Gilmore Girls because this is my the most favourite TV series (watched it about 5 times and will do more) and new series starts already this month! It will be binge watching Saturday for me with knitting in my hands.


Knitting kits are too finalised ( Thank God!)- it is actually more work than you would think so. And I sold already two scarves and one hat. It is exciting to think that there is somebody walking with knitted scarf, exactly the same as I have, designed by me. Who knows, we might bump to each other one day!

Now I am on a knitting mission as Christmas is approaching and I am to become an Auntie for the first time, early January. I keep browsing knitting patterns for babies and it's fun.

Soo, all in all, very good last couple of months. I am very pleased with where Black Elephant is heading so far. I would not expect to sell so much yarn, I swear and it is a glorious feeling, very satisfying indeed.

Oh, I almost forgot, I have finally figured out how to add yarns on Ravelry, so you can find Black Elephant there too.

Over and out until next time.




Knitting kits almost ready

I have a break from dyeing yarns and am in the middle of preparing knitting kits as autumn is on our door step and a nicely packaged knitting kit would make a great Christmas/Birthday present. I have three different designs and I cannot wait to have them displayed in Bird's Yard and Northern Craft Fair. For those who are not from around here, kits will be available in my Etsy shop too.

Photo-shoots for two of the kits are finished. Hat and scarf will be available in different colours. We were taking pictures of a hat last week, in 25 degrees. That's a commitment! Now I have only a baby sleeping bag left and I am looking for a baby under 6 months but I ran out of options. :( So if you know parents who would love their baby to become a supermodel, pretty please, let me know. I would travel to their home (reasonable distance from Sheffield though), I would be super quick and I would pay in yarn and needles. Pretty good deal, right? Only thing is, that the deadline is 7th October. It would be such a shame to have photos of a lonely sad blanket. A baby would make it much more cheerful. The blanket is in unisex colours so it can be a boy or a girl supermodel.

On a positive note, I had two more sales on Etsy this week, which always makes me so happy. Especially when I get a super positive feedback. My promotion for free needles and buttons with my yarns is valid only for 4 more orders, so hurry up!

And here are some crazy photos from the last week photoshoot of my hat, which will be available as a knitting kit for intermediate knitters.

Warning! Strait Jacket needed.

Warning! Strait Jacket needed.




Hooray, the website is alive!

It's been a loooong, long time since I posted here last time. It was for various reasons, somebody up there didn't like me for few months as I had to deal with all sorts of tasks life threw at me. No wonder, I am so excited to FINALLY write my first article about my love of yarn.

What you can see is a knitted infinity scarf (or Mobius scarf, as Elizabeth Zimmermann would call it) from my very own hand-dyed yarn. The result is rather stunning - if I say so myself :). No, but seriously, look at this symphony of colours and how they dance on the scarf, no pooling, just speckles everywhere and anywhere. I am very pleased with the result, considering I have started with hand dyeing only eight months ago.

Also, as I have an internet access after a long time, I am opening my Etsy shop, which has been sitting there empty and sad for about ten months. For the next few days it will be all about photography for me so I can show off my hand dyed yarns and knitting kits the best I can and hopefully share my passion with some of you too.