Unexpected weekend visit

Mommy in law decided we need to visit some yarn shop in Yorkshire when we went to see her during the weekend. I was more in the mood which would be best described as: I need to go home as there is a massive pile of washing up and another pile of folding up waiting for me - but I am glad I changed my mind. Yarn shop over housework any time. Not so good news for my partner as you can see below, bless him. It is hard to have a yarnaholic for a girlfriend. :)


Baa Ram Ewe in Harrogate/Leeds did not disappoint at all. It is such a relaxed place - absolute heaven. And look at all that wool. Beautiful to touch and look at and of course my favourite criteria:  100% British.

And to my surprise I found a pattern with my name in one of the books. Petra - The Rockhopper Penguin. I shall try and knit one in the future. :)


After emptying our purses and spending a good hour browsing and looking and taking pictures at Baa Ram Ewe headquarters, we ended up in this beautiful Ribbon Tree Bakery.  It returned us back in time, just adorable.

Relaxed Sunday was topped by nothing else but knitting, or rather un-knitting a mistake and I had new helpers - Keep knitting tissues to dry by tears while undoing my work and this ewesome mug from Baa Ram Ewe for a cup of coffee. Perfect!